Fire Academy 2022-2023

All participants must be at least 18 years of age with a valid ID. Students must provide their own PPE, however no experience is required. Students or organizations may be eligible to receive HB 2604 reimbursement through the Texas Forestry Service. Upon course completion, students will be eligible to become a TCFP certified Fire Fighter.

Cost for the class is $2,600

November 5th- PPE and SCBA familiarization and inspection

November 6th- Ladders- climbing, inspecting, maintenance, working on ladders

November 19th- Hoses- Rolls, Maintenance, Annual testing, Hose loads, Advancing hose lines, Streams

November 20th- Mayday drills, Primary Search, 2nd division search by ladders

December 3rd- Vehicle Extrication

December 4th- Fire Extinguishers, Foam Applications, HazMat scenarios and Identifications of DOT vehicles and rail cars

December 17th- Ventilation- Vertical, Horizontal, Hydraulic, Flashover Chamber (chamber can be moved to best fit your needs)

December 18th- Report writing, Pre incident survey, Communications, Fire safety presentation, Fire Extinguishers

January 7th- Forcible Entry, Ropes, Knots

January 8th- Salvage/Overhaul, Fire Cause and Determination

January 14th or 21st- TCFP Skills Day

January 15th or 22nd- Final Proctored Exam, Burn Day