ESD Fleet

Command 12

Our command vehicle is a 2021 F350. The on-call chief responds in this apparatus to major incidents such as: fires, vehicle accidents, and rescues. It is in charge of running command on scene and monitoring the locations and duties of the personnel on scene to ensure safety of our first responders.

Rescue 12

A 2019 Ram 5500 with a rescue body is our frontline medical emergency apparatus. It is also equipped with some rescue equipment and is used as a support vehicle for motor vehicle accidents and rescues.

Engine 112

This 2017 Ferrara is our frontline apparatus for fires, motor vehicle accidents, and rescues. It holds 1.000 gallons of water, extrication equipment and more. This apparatus also contains BLS medical capabilities in the instance of a medical emergency on an accident or fire scene.

Tender 12

In our rural area water supplies, such as hydrants, may be non-existent or scarce which makes us rely heavily on water tenders. Our tender holds 3,000 gallons and is often our main source of water in the event of a structure, vehicle, or grass fire. Tender 12 is a 2021 Kenworth built by Fouts Bros. in La Grange, TX.

Brush 112

A 2007 F550 holds 450 gallons of water and the capability to use class B foam. It also contains equipment such as chainsaws, rakes, and shovels in order to gain fire access and allow our fire fighters to use different fire fighting tactics and strategies to contain and extinguish grass fires.

Brush 212

Brush 2 is a Ram 5500 and is our first-out brush truck. It holds 450 gallons of water, class B foam, and equipment to gain fire access. This apparatus also has BLS medical capabilities in the instance of a medical emergency on or during wildland fires.

Wise County EMS

Wise County ESD #1 is a First Responder Organization (FRO) that provides basic life support to our citizens and visitors. Wise County EMS is our primary provider for pre hospital emergency care. Our firefighter respond with Wise County EMS to all emergencies that may require medical attention. Wise County EMS operates 5 MICU units and well as a Rescue Apparatus out of 4 stations across Wise County. For more information on Wise County EMS, Click Here.